Review your web content for Spring 2019

In preparation for the Spring semester, review your pages for: 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I spread the word about my events?

Great question! Below are just a few ways you can market your event.

  1. Add your event to our online calendar.That is the number one way to spread your event across multiple web pages by selecting appropriate tags and categories. And the better your event description, the more search engines like Google appreciate it thus making your events easier for potential attendees to find. View calendar best practices >
  2. Share your event on social media. If your school/department has a University-approved social media account, you can share your events via social media. This is a great opportunity to have your small army of followers quickly spreading the word for you. To learn more about social media usage on campus, view the social media policy >
  3. Share the news with your partners and sponsors. Be sure your partners and sponsors know about the event, and ask them to share with their audiences via email marketing or social media. The more help, the better.

I had access to add events to the calendar, but now I don’t. What happened?

In August 2018, we moved to a brand new calendar that is VERY different from the previous calendar. This one has a lot of bells and whistles that we want to get you acquainted with before we give you access again. It’s not harder to use, just different. We emailed all of our contributors twice to notify them of the steps to get access. 

To regain access, you’ll need to complete two quick steps: 
  1. Review the updated "Add an Event to the Calendar” tutorial >  | There are short video and text versions of the tutorial
  2. Complete the “Calendar Tutorial – Acknowledgement of Review” form >
Once we receive notification, you’ll regain access within 24 hours.

How do I add an email address to a page?

WordPress makes it easy to hyperlink an email when you type the full email address into your content. But what happens when you want to make the text “Email Angie” a hyperlink? View the “Add an email link” tutorial >

Contributor Resources

New Contributors?
Does your department have a new full-time staff member or graduate assistant who you would like to be a web contributor? If so, ask them to submit a
Web Contributor Application to get started with the process.