1. Visit the Calendar login page and login to the site.

  2. There are two ways to create a new event:

    a. In the Dashboard left navigation panel, click Events > Add New to create a new event.


    b. In the top admin bar, click + New > Event to create a new event.

  3. At minimum add the following information for each event you add to the Calendar:
    1. Event title
    2. Event description - use the Visual Editor to include event description and related links

    3. Events Setting
      Scroll down the page to the add the following:

      • Start Date (required)
      • Start Time
      • End Date (required)
      • End Time
      • Location (required)
      • Location Address (required if it's an event of interest to general community or Parents & Visitors)
    4. Global Categories: This is important because these selections determine if these events appear on your landing page events feed or other places where you have events feeds displaying. At minimum at least one should be selected.

      If you do not see your category(ies) listed, please submit a Web Service Request and we will add your category(ies).

    5. Personas: You can add more than one persona as long as they are a relevant audience for your event. You should add at least one persona.

  4. Click the Publish button.
  5. Your event should now be published live on the website.



Example Event Post