WordPress allows a user to edit visual editor tables similarly to Microsoft Word or Google Docs. You can insert, delete and modify rows using the Table Tool in the editor similarly to how you edit tables in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. If you are unfamiliar with editing tables, see the table editing tool overview below.

If the tables you must edit are in the Content Settings section, view Working with Tables in Content Settings.

Delete a row

  1. Select the row you need to delete.
  2. Click the Table tool in the editor.
  3. Select Row > Delete Row.
  4. The row will be removed.

Add a row

  1. Click in a row above or below where you would like your new row.
  2. Click the Table tool in the editor.
  3. Select Row > Insert row before or Insert row after
  4. Your new row will be added.
TIP: If you accidentally delete a row or add a row in the wrong place, you can undo the edit with the Undo tool:

Best Practices

Overview of the WordPress table editing to

Table > - allows a user to create a new table with pre-selected number of rows and columns)

Table Properties - allows a user to change the width, height, cell spacing, cell padding, border, caption and alignment.

Delete Table - deletes the entire table from a page.

    Modify Table cell properties
    Merge table cells
    Split table cells
    Insert row before
    Insert row after
    Delete row
    Table row properties
    Cut table row
    Copy table row
    Paste table row before
    Paste table row after
    Insert column before
    Insert column after
    Delete column