Below are instructions to create/edit button links on your web pages.

Video Tutorial

Time: 2:52
Closed Captioning Available: Yes

Text Tutorial

STEP 1: Find a Document's URL

1. Click the Add Media button of your page to upload a new document (PDF), or to find an existing document. If it has already been uploaded, go to the following step.

2. While in the Media Gallery, select the file and copy the document's  URL.

3.  Find the page where the button will be or is located, and click Edit.

STEP 2: Create or Edit a Button Link


You have three color options for buttons: black (default), orange, and white. 

1. in edit mode, hover over the shortcode icon. Click "Button"

2. Make your selections in the "Insert Button Shortcode" options and click OK:

Label: The text to display in the button. We suggest up to 5 words.
Examples: Download the Student Handbook OR Register OR Become a Member

URL: This is where you will place the URL for the website, webpage or file. It must have http:// or https://.

Choose a Style: There are two styles of buttons, Filled (default) and Ghost. We suggest you select Filled for content pages. If adding two buttons side-by-side, it's fine to use different styles to emphasize which button is most important:

Choose a Theme: You may select the color of the button of your choosing. The options are Orange, Black or White.

Action Method: Always leave as Link URL (default).

Open Link in new tab: Check the box for links leaving your website or PDF documents.

3. The shortcode will be added to your page content.

4. When you preview or update the page, the page will display the new button.


1.   Follow these steps to swap out the old file URL link in the button code.

    STEP 1 - Delete the old URL from the shortcode
    EXAMPLE: [button label="View the Academic Calendar" url=" " style="" theme="" action="" new_tab="true" ]

    STEP 2 - The URL space should be empty
    EXAMPLE: [button label="View the Academic Calendar" url="" style="" theme="" action="" new_tab="true" ]

    STEP 3 - Paste the new file URL into the shortcode
    [button label="View the Academic Calendar" url=" " style="" theme="" action="" new_tab="true" ]
2.  Click Update to save the changes.