After you have logged in to a Campbell site, there are two ways to find your editable pages:

Access from the WordPress Dashboard

1.  On the left navigation bar in the Dashboard, click Pages.

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2. Pages titles for pages you have permission to edit will be hyperlinked in the All or Mine tabs.

If you do not see pages in the Mine tab, it’s only because you are not the first/primary author of the page(s). You can access all of your team's pages by using the search field to search your page title OR follow the instructions in the section below called "Access pages while clicking through the live site."

3. After you find the page you want to edit, hover over the title to see edit options.

4. Click the page's title or Edit link to open the page editor.
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Access pages while clicking through the live site

After you have logged in to a website's dashboard, you can visit the website, browse pages, and make edits to pages you have access to modify.

1. Hover over the website's link in the horizontal admin bar at the top of the dashboard. 
The screenshot example below is from the main “University” site dashboard.

2. Click Visit Site.

3. Browse the site until you find the page(s) you wish to edit. 

If you do not see the horizontal admin bar across the top of your page, refresh/reload your browser. If you are logged in, the admin bar should appear after refreshing.

4. Pages you have permissions to edit will display edit links in two places: 1) an Edit Page link in the admin bar at the top of the page and 2) an Edit button at bottom left of the page.

5. Click Edit Page link or button to make your page edits.