Some Campbell University's websites, including Calendar and News, follow a workflow editing process and workflow policy guidelines. The workflow process requires approval from editors or primary contributors before the final updated content is published live on the website.

Workflow Policy

Before you begin work on a site that includes a workflow process, review the Content Workflow Policy.

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Edit an Existing Page

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Tutorial

  1. Open a page to edit, then immediately clicks Make Revision.
  2. A copy of your existing page will be created. This will allow you to make edits to the copy while your current page is still active on the live site.

    Click Submit to Workflow after you have edited the page content.

  3. Make edits to the page, then click Submit to Workflow
  4. Select options for workflow options.

    1. Select workflow type. Each group's workflow will include the school or department name. Example: Edit & Creation Workflow (Medicine)
    2. Select priority. Choose the urgency of the request.
    3. Select the actor. The actor is the person(sP who will review and/or approve your content. This may be pre-selected for you.
    4. Select the due date. Best practice is to give reviewers at minimum 2 business days to review and approve.
    5. Comments. This is not required, but comments may be helpful for the reviewer(s).
  5. After submitting a page to the workflow, you will be redirected to the Pages list where you will see the copy and original page listed.

  6. The reviewer will automatically receive an email notification of your update request as well as a dashboard message when the next login to the website. 
  7. Once the reviewer approves, you will receive an email notifying you that the updates have been published.

Approving a Page: Steps for Reviewers/Editors

As a primary contributor for a website, you may have the responsibility of reviewing and approving content before it is published by administrators. If so, you will see notifications in your WordPress dashboard.

  1. If you approve, a notice will appear in the administrator dashboard notifying us that updates should be published.
  2. If you disapprove of your contributor(s) changes, you can send it back to the user for edits or cancel the workflow.

Video Tutorial