Add Image via Visual Editor

Includes image in your page's content

  1. While editing your page, place your cursor in location of new photo.
  2. Click the Add Media button at the top left of the Visual Editor.
  3. To insert an image, you have two options: 1) upload new files or 2) select an existing image from the Media Library.

      1. Click "Upload Files" tab
      2. Drag/drop new files or click "Select Files" to find location on your computer.
      3. After selected, select "Choose". Your image has been added to the Media Gallery.
      4. Add alt text to your images. See details below.
      5. Select the category(ies) related to your image. This is to help you find the image later.
      6. Click Insert into page.

      1. Click "Media Library" tab (should be open by default)
      2. Search for the image you need by category or keyword search.
      3. Select the image you would like to include
      4. Add alt text to your images. See details below.
      5. Select the category(ies) related to your image (this is to help you find it later).
      6. Click Insert into page.
  4. Alt Text is required for all uploaded images.

    The alternative text (alt text) provides accessible alternative information for an image if a user for some reason cannot view it (user has slow web connection or uses a screen reader). A secondary reason to add Alt Text is for search engine optimization (SEO).

    1. After uploading an image to the media gallery, see the image's Attachment Details panel.
    2. In the Alt Text field add a short descriptive phrase for your image upload. The example screenshot below is a photo of law students attending Career Night.

    Possible Alt Text for the image in the screenshot below:
    - image of Law Career Night 2017 attendees
    - photo of Campbell Law students at Career Night 2017

  5. Your image has been added to the page, but like needs alignment to the left or right of your content.
  6. Click the image to select it for final adjustments to alignment, size and hyperlink.
  7. Make basic left, center, and right alignment adjustments using the image edit tool that appears:

  8. Click the pencil icon to make more complex image adjustments such as captioning, resizing, aligning, or hyperlinking.

Add Image via Featured Image

Includes image under your page/post title

  1. While editing your page content, go over to the Featured Image content area at the right of the edit view.
  2. Click "Set featured image".
  3. Select an image already included in the gallery OR upload a new image. Be sure to add alt text to newly uploaded images! (see instructions above)
  4. Click "Set Featured Image"
  5. The image should now be included below your content title.