You can easily add images to your pages using the WordPress Media Uploader tool.

  1. Place your cursor where you want the image to appear on your page
  2. Click the Add Media button at the top left of the Visual Editor.

  3. You have two options: upload new files or select an existing image from the Media Library.


      1. Click "Upload Files" tab
      2. Drag and drop new files or click "Select Files" to find location on your computer.
      3. After image is selected, select "Choose". Your image has been added to the Media Gallery.


      1. Click "Media Library" tab (should be open by default)
      2. Search for the image you need by category or keyword search.
      3. Select the image you would like to include.

    Remember to do two tasks once you've selected your image in the media gallery:

    a) Add Alt Text - a brief explanation of the image, and

    b) Select categories related to your department or use of the image. This will help you find your images later.
    If you are using existing images, DO NOT uncheck already selected categories.

  4. Click the Insert into page button.
  5. Your image has been added to the page, but needs alignment.
  6. Select the image to make the alignment and edit options appear. 
    In the example below, the image has been right aligned.

    You may click the pencil icon to resize, align, or hyperlink the image.