Below are tips to help you successfully publish and share your posts .

1. Login to Blogs

2. In the left sidebar click Posts > Add New to create a new post.
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3. Add your blog title and content in the appropriate areas.

  • Titles: Add a blog post title that's interesting and represents your school, department or initiative.
  • Blog content: Keep your content short, easy to read and quick to scan. Be sure your links are contextual - not "click here" or "more". Read our blog best practices content writing tips >

4. Select categories & topics for the post.

  1. Select the Categories and Topics that best match the content to be published.
  2. Selecting a Topic adds the post to your school/department landing page.
  3. If new Topics are needed in the Category list, please share your list of desired categories via a  web service request.

5. Add Content Contributors (optional)

You can add posts for guest contributors or give writing, photography or video development credit under Post Settings > Contributors by clicking Add Contributor for each new contributor. There is a field for Name and Contribution for each contributor. 

6. Add a featured image 

In the Featured Image panel, click Set featured image. Use of featured image is optional, but highly recommended. 

Use professional, high-quality photographs. If you have questions about photos you wish to use, please submit for review via a  web service request.

7. Preview and Publish

Once you've made all of your edits, preview the page to see how it will look. If all looks great, go ahead and click Publish to make live. 

8. Share your blog post!

Users of your site can share blog posts on social media sites including Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn via the floating share button on the left of each blog post. 

You can also share them using the same feature or copy/paste the URL to your social media platforms of choice.

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