Have you tried to edit a page, but didn't think you could because the visual editor was blank, empty? If you were able to see the editor, you definitely can edit the page. Your content is there, it's just not where you expect. It's further down the page under Content Settings.

Why did University Communications create my page using Content Settings?

To break up long sections of content
If a page's content is very long, we break the content up into accordions and tabs in the Content Settings areas. You may edit these accordions and tabs as needed.

To add graphic cards to page
Some of your pages may have simple graphic cards that serve as way-finding cues for web visitors. Most often, these never need to be updated because they are simply links to current web pages.

How to edit in Content Settings

  1. Login, find your page, and begin the edit process.
  2. If the Visual Editor is empty (i.e. has no content), scroll down to the Content Settings area.
  3. There are WYSIWIG editors in Content Settings areas that allow you to edit content just as you would in the standard visual editor. You can add images, videos, and links to internal and external PDFs and web pages.
TIP: Toggle Content Settings sections open/closed to reduce scrolling as you work.

NEED ASSISTANCE? If you need assistance with editing or creating Content Settings content, please contact us.