You may attempt to edit a page and notice there is no text or images in the visual editor. Yes, your content is there, but it's in the Content Settings area of the page.

When a page has a lot of content that would cause users to scroll more than normal, Campbell's web team adds the content in the Content Settings areas. We attempt to organize the page to make a large amount of content more visually-appealing and quicker to access.

Steps to edit via content settings

  1. If you attempt to edit a page and find no content in the Visual Editor, scroll down to the Content Settings area.
  2. Content Settings allows you to break up content into columns, text boxes, calls-to-action & accordion menus.
  3. There are WYSIWIG editors in Content Settings areas that allow you to edit content just as you would in the standard visual editor. You can add images, videos, and links to internal and external PDFs and web pages.
TIP: Toggle Content Settings sections open/closed to reduce scrolling as you work.

HELP: If you need assistance with editing or creating Content Settings content, please contact us.