All authorized Campbell University faculty and staff, including graduate assistants, may apply to become Campbell University web content contributors for their department/school/college website, Campbell blogs, or the online calendar. 

Undergraduate students, part-time Campbell employees, and non-Campbell employees are not eligible.

What's the process?

Prior to receiving login credentials to contribute content to Campbell University websites, each prospective web contributor must complete steps in the following order:

  1. Register for and attend web contributor training (register)
    University Communications & Marketing will review the request and determine approval.
  2. Review the web policy
  3. Review the blog policy (if you will contribute to blogs)
  4. Submit the web contributor agreement

What you'll learn during contributor training

All new Content Contributors will attend a 2-hour training session that will cover the following topics:

  • Content Basics
    • Writing for the Web
  • Compliance Issues for the Web
    • Accessibility - image and video best practices
    • Copyright Basics - image, video and content best practices
  • WordPress 101
    • Creating & Editing Content
    • Managing Media (documents, images)
  • Calendar (optional)
    • Creating & Editing Events
    • Importance of properly tagging events
  • Blogs (optional)
    • Creating & Editing Content
    • Importance of properly tagging blog posts