Welcome, new Web Contributor! Thank you for helping us make our websites, calendar, and blog better.

As a new contributor you will likely have many questions. So we are providing a list of resources that you will likely use as a new web contributor.

  • Create new web pages
  • Change a page's title or permalink (URL)
  • Create a short vanity link to use in marketing campaigns ( ex. www.campbell.edu/ipe )
  • Reorganize the sidebar links on content pages
  • Create accordion menus to shorten lengthy content such as FAQs (see example)

Get phone, email or in-office assistance

Angela D. Farrior       
University Communications & Marketing
Phone: (910) 814-5599 (office)
Office: JA Campbell Administration Building, Suite 206

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These contacts have been trained how to use the website and are primarily responsible for page updates.